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Marine Park Camping Rates
* 2018 Prices in Canadian Funds, + Taxes
2018 Seasonal Camping Rates (+Taxes)
We need your signed agreement by October 1, 2017 and payment arranements made by October 1, 2017 to confirm your site for the 2018 season.  
A sites (A 2, 5,7,9,11,13,14,15,16,17,19) $3250.
A sites (A 1,3,4,6,8,10,12) $3350.
B sites (B 20,21,23,24,25,28,30,32,37,45,47,49,51) $3350.
B sites (B 26,27,29,31,33,34,35) $3850.
C sites (C 53,54,55,56,57,58,59) $3485.
C sites (C 81,82,83,84,85,86,87) $3610.
C sites (all remaining sites in C) $3170.
D sites $2695.
F sites (F 1,2,3) $4105.
F sites (F 5,7,9,11) $4385.
F sites (F 4,6,8,10) $4690.

We are planning to improve some of the sites that have hydro and water only by adding sewers.  Once the sewers are installed the site rate will increase by an additional $500.00. We hope to do 5 – 10 sites each year.

There is a $200 hydro deposit ($300 with 15 amp outlet) that is refundable less any monies owing should you decide not to renew.  All sites pay for their hydro usage which is billed at least twice per year. 


Site fee Discounts:
Payment in full by Sept 1st $125.00
Payment in full by Oct 1st $100.00

Payment in full by September 1st or October 1st by cash or cheque in order to receive discounts.

Payment by Credit Card (Visa and Master Card only) will be additional 2% charge.

Installments by post-dated cheque are made as follows:
October1, 2017
January 1, 2018
April 1, 2018
Installment payments to include HST.

Late payment fees
2 % per month charged for each 30 days past due.

Refund Policy

Refundable portion of total amount due if cancelled:

Prior To March 01, 2018 ......................... 70%
Between April 01 and April 30, 2017 ....... 50%

The season begins May 01, 2018 and ends October 31, 2018
2018 Dock Slip Rates (+Taxes)
Floating Dock Seasonal - A, F, G, H (serviced - hydro & water) $ 64.50 per foot
Floating Dock Seasonal - B, C, D, E (unserviced) $ 53.50 per foot

Payment in Full by September 25, 2017

Deduct 10%

Payment in Full with Cash or Cheque in order to receive discount.

Payment by credit card (Visa and Master Card only) will be additional 2%

2018 Dock Slip W/ Seasonal Campsite

Dock slip paid in full by September 25, 2017

Deduct 20% (from the dock slip)


Payment in full with cash or check, in order to receive discount.
Payment by credit card (Visa and Master Card only) will be additional 2%

Boat trailer storage in parking lot "A" $275.00
Boat trailer storage (Limited Access area E ) $125.00
Pump-out - Seasonal
Pump-out - Each time

$15.00 plus HST

If you require two or more slips prices will be discounted subject to management approval. Two dock slips: deduct 30% for the smaller boat. Boat registration must be provided for the second slip.

Deposit Required to hold slip until May 1st, 2018, Non-Refundable


Other Items (+Taxes)    
Daily Launch $16.82  
3 Day Launch $46.50  
Weekly Launch $79.00  
Seasonal launch $294.00  

If a boat is kept on site a seasonal launch must be purchased.
One boat per site.

Day Use Parking until 11 pm (includes tax) $ 6.00  
Overnight Visitor Parking (includes tax) $ 12.00  
Clubhouse rental $ 50.00  
Weed harvester rental $315.00/ Hr  
Backhoe rental $ 90.00/ Hr  
General Labour - Boat Cleaning - Interior / Exterior $ 55.00/ Hr  
General Labour - Power Washing Trailer / Brushing $ 55.00/ Hr  
Trailer - Seasonal Pump-Out - weekly - for the season $400.00  
Trailer - pump-out - At Site (includes tax) $ 30.00  

Refund Policy

Non Refundable portion if slip is cancelled:

Prior To March 01, 2018 ............................. 70%
Between March 01 and April 30th ............. 50%